For those familiar with the previous iteration of the PBS KIDS Lab site, the "Programs" section replicates the “Collection” tiles page. Shows are listed alphabetically and display their respective games, activities and videos. Our programs, games, apps and activities with their well-known, fun, and beloved characters take your kids on a fun journey that builds math and reading skills for young children, or preschool to grade 3. This collection is organized around the media resources that will help you develop these numeracy and literacy skills.

Para aquellos familiarizados con la versión anterior del sitio web de PBS KIDS Lab, la sección "Programs" replica la página de las "Collections”. Los programas están organizados alfabéticamente y se puede encontrar los juegos, actividades y videos a que se refieren. Nuestros programas, juegos y actividades con sus famosos, divertidos y amados personajes llevarán a sus hijos por un viaje lúdico, donde practicarán matemáticas y lectura. Estos programas están dirigidos a niños jovenes, es decir a niños en edad pre-escolar y hasta tercer grado de primaria. La colección está organizada alrededor de recursos mediáticos que lo ayudarán a desarrollar estas habilidades numéricas y de alfabetización.

  • 50 Centigurps Found - Odd Squad | PBS KIDS Lab

    This video will help children learn to count by 10s to 100. When Otto and Oscar count captured centigurps in this way, they discover that they have collected 50... which means 50 more are still on the loose!

    Este video se centra en ayudar a niños para contar de 10 en 10 hasta 100. Cuando Otto y Oscar cuentan de diez en diez a los centigurps, ellos descubren que han juntado 50 – ¡significando que hay otros 50 más sueltos!

    Grades: K-3
  • A Double Pattern - Cyberchase | PBS KIDS Lab

    This video focuses on recognizing number patterns and skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's. Jackie, Inez and Matt figure out a pattern to open a lock on a vault. 

    Este video se centra en ayudar a niños para reconocer patrones de números y contar por 2, 5, y 10. Jackie, Inez, y Matt descubren un patrón para abrir una cerradura.

    Grades: K-3
  • Apple Picking - Curious George | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource with children to help foster using number lines to identify missing numbers up to 19. Numbered apples are floating in the water on their way to the cider press. Help George and Jumpy grab the right ones to fill the gaps in the apple number line.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Beaver Lodge - Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource to teach children how beavers build a cozy home for their family. Chris and Martin stumble into the cozy home of a family of beavers.

    Utiliza este juego par enseñar a niños cómo los castores construyen un hogar para sus familias. Chris y Martin tropiezan en la casa de una familia de castores. 

    Grades: 1-3
  • Escape from Greasy World - Fizzy's Lunch Lab | PBS KIDS Lab

    In this Fizzy's Lunch Lab interactive, children will learn a variety of math skills including spatial sense; sorting; counting; estimating; and measurement and comparison of length, height, weight, and volume. 

    Utiliza este juego con niños para enseñarles una variedad de habilidades matemáticas incluyendo la percepción espacial, distribuir, contar, estimar y medir/comparar unidades de longitud, altura, peso y volumen.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Even Bigger Than T. Rex! - Dinosaur Train | PBS KIDS Lab

    In this video clip, children will learn to compare the height and size of the dinosaurs. Tiny and Buddy observe the differences between big and small creatures.

    Este video se centra en ayudar a niños para comparar la altura y el tamaño de los dinosaurios. Tiny y Buddy observan las diferencias entre las criaturas grandes y pequeñas.

    Grades: PreK-3
  • Extended Learning Program - The Electric Company | PBS KIDS Lab

    In this Extended Learning Program from The Electric Company, educators will use an 18-week curriculum to help build students' literacy, math, and science skills. Educators will learn how to use hands-on literacy activites, short engaging videos, and interactive computer game resources to engage students. Feel the power as you learn specific strategies for integrating Electric Company content into your unique classroom setting.

    Click here to find all the clips used in the Extended Learning Program on YouTube.

    Grades: K-5, 13+
  • Huff-Puff-a-Tron - The Cat in the Hat | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource to teach children two-dimensional shape recognition, patterns, and color recognition. Sally and Nick want to fly their kites, but where is the wind? Luckily, the Cat in the Hat has the Huff-Puff-A-Tron, which uses shapes to create wind. The bigger the kites get, the the machine must be fed faster and faster to create more wind.

    Grades: K, 13+
  • How to be an Inventor - Martha Speaks | PBS KIDS Lab

    In this Martha Speaks interactive story, learn about how new devices are developed. After inventors come up with an idea to improve life, they need to try it out, make changes as needed, and then work to perfect it. When used as a part of Martha’s True Stories Buddies Program, buddy pairs engage with the interactive story, then talk and create an Inventor’s Workshop to describe their idea for a new invention that will solve an everyday problem. To familiarize yourself with the program, begin by reading the Martha's True Stories Buddies Program: Overview.

    Grades: K-5
  • Pan Balance - Sid the Science Kid | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource to teach children how to get a weight measurement using a pan balance scale, and ordering items by weight. They can help May weigh stones using a pan balance scale, then order each stone from lightest to heaviest.

    Grades: 1-3
  • Peg's Pizza Place - Peg + Cat | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this game resource to help children foster the skill of counting objects and placing different objects on halves and quarters of a circle. They will help Peg feed all her hungry customers by counting the right number of yummy toppings to pile onto each pizza.

    Utiliza este juego con niños para contar objetos y colocar diferentes objetos en mitades y cuartos de un círculo. Ayudan a Peg a alimentar a todos sus hambrientos clientes contando el número correcto de deliciosos ingredientes para ponerle a toda, la mitad o un cuarto de la pizza.

    Grades: PreK-K
  • Pig Pumpkin - Super Why! | PBS KIDS Lab

    Use this video to teach children letter identification and word formation. After the ghost makes all of the pumpkins disappear, Alpha Pig uses alphabet power to find all of the letters of the word PUMPKIN to make them reappear.

    Utiliza este vídeo par enseñar a niños identificación de letras y la formación de palabras. Después de que el fantasma hace que todas las calabazas desaparezcan, Alpha Pig utiliza el poder del alfabeto para encontrar todas las letras.

    Grades: PreK-1